Mahalo MJ1/CS3TS Java Series soprano ukulele with concert scale neck

soprano ukulele with concert scale neck, Aquila strings, Nubone saddle, with bag, 3t sunburst

The Mahalo MJ1/CS series combines a soprano body with a concert scale length and neck. The improved playability of the concert scale but the proper soprano sound.
Try it to believe the comfort of this instrument.

Our expert craftsmen have selected Indonesia’s best tone woods to bring you the all new Mahalo J Series Ukulele. We use mahogany for our necks, and exotic nyatoh for our bodies with arched back. Fingerboard and bridge are made of Cites-free, teakwood.

A distinctive see-through, gloss finish is applied to every Mahalo JAVA Series Ukulele to reveal the inherent beauty and quality of our tone woods and to enhance every musical nuance.

Complete with Mahalo carry bag, Mahalo Java Series Ukuleles feature an arched back and state-of-the-art Canadian NuBone Extended Bass (XB) bridge saddles to increase projection and bass response. Aquila strings are also fitted to our ukuleles to produce a fuller, louder and more balanced sound, rich in tonal harmonics.
You’ll be amazed at the quality and performance of the Mahalo JAVA Series Ukuleles.


type : soprano body with concert neck
nut width: 36,5 mm
12th fret width: 44,8 mm
scale length: 380 mm
body : nyatoh with arched back
neck : mahogany
fingerboard : technical wood
bridge : technical wood
machine heads : vintage, gold
strings : Aquila
frets : nickel
saddle : Nubone
accessory : gig bag, black

€ 57.90

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